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Work with documents

SharePoint 2010 provides two methods for working with documents:
Ø  Each document has an “Edit” menu that you can use to take some action on that document, such as checking it out for editing.
Ø  The Ribbon also displays a set of actions that can be taken on individual documents or a group of selected documents.

Use the Edit menu

You see the Edit menu when you hover your mouse over the “Name” property of your document. With the “Edit” menu, you can view and edit properties.

Edit a document’s properties

The easiest way to edit a document’s properties is to use the Ribbon:
1)      Select the document in the Document Library.
2)      Click “Edit Properties” on the “Documents” tab of the Ribbon.
3)      Make the changes and click “Save”.


Check documents in and out

Checking out a file prevents other users from editing the file while you are working on it. New edits you make do not show until you check the file back in. 
To check out a document:
1)      In your Document Library, select the check box next to the document you want to check out.
2)      Click “Check Out” on the “Documents” tab of the Ribbon.
3)      Click “OK”.
To check in a document:
1)      Click the check box next to the document that you want to check in.
2)      Click “Check In” on the “Documents” tab of the Ribbon.
3)      In the Check in dialog box, do any of the following:
·         Select “Yes” or “No” to keep the file checked out or not.
·         Enter any comments to include in the document’s revision history.
4)      Click “OK”.