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 National Smart Metering Program (Australia)

Please note: this NSMP website is provided for historical reference only and is not a maintained source of smart metering activity.
The National Smart Metering Program (NSMP) was established by the Ministerial Council on Energy (MCE) to develop a framework for an efficient, flexible and open-access smart metering infrastructure across the national electricity market (NEM).
Since the commencement of the program in mid-2008, the MCE worked extensively with industry stakeholders (including electricity retailers, distribution businesses, metering providers, consumer organisations, market operators and jurisdictions) to deliver the following:
  1. The Smart Metering Infrastructure (SMI) Minimum Functionality Specification
  2. Proposed changes to the National Electricity Rules to support a mandated rollout of smart metering
  3. Draft issue change forms for changes to the NEM Procedures to support the provision of smart metering services
  4. An evaluation of home area network (HAN) interface standards
  5. Advice to the MCE in relation to in home displays guidelines and direct load control in priority appliance guidelines
  6. Pilots and trials status reports for 2008, 2OO9,2O1O
  7. Business, consumer and technology reporting frameworks to support the consistent reporting and sharing of information from pilots and trials
  8. The smart metering future pilots and trials report
  9. A national testing framework for the testing of changes to NEM systems to support smart metering services
Refer to the NSMP Progress webpage (accessible via the NSMP Progress tab above) to view and download the deliverables.
In April 2011, the National Stakeholder Steering Committee (NSSC) for the National Smart Metering Program confirmed completion of the majority of agreed NSMP deliverables, handover of remaining deliverables to responsible parties, and the appropriateness of formally closing the NSSC. The Hon. Martin Ferguson, AM MP, Minister for Resources and Energy, was formally advised of the cessation of the NSSC.
In August 2011, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and the electricity industry's Information Exchange Committee put on hold the ongoing NSMP work that had been transferred to it from the NSSC. This work, the development of NEM procedures, could not proceed efficiently until key policy issues were resolved.
This NSMP website is therefore provided for historical reference only and is not a maintained source of smart metering activity.

 What's new

Cessation of the NSSC 
by sadmin service
 10/5/2011 10:36 AM
In April 2011, the NSMP's National Stakeholder Steering Committee (NSSC) met for the final time and agreed that the committee would cease operation, effective 20 April 2011.
The NSSC Chair, Mr David Miles, has formally advised The Hon. Martin Ferguson,...
Completed program deliverables 
by sadmin service
 10/5/2011 10:36 AM
All completed deliverables for the NSMP's program of work are accessible via the NSMP Progress tab (above).
Comparison of Vic and national functionality 
by sadmin service
 10/5/2011 10:35 AM
A final activity of the Business Requirements Workstream was to undertake a comparison of smart meter functionality as documented in the national Smart Metering Infrastructure Functionality Specification and the Victorian Advanced Metering Infrastructure...
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