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Welcome to the AEMO VAr Dispatch Scheduler Dashboard for Participants

VAR DISPATCH SCHEDULER PROJECT - Operational 31 August 2016

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Reactive Plant Operators ARE TO ACT UPON THE ELECTRONIC INSTRUCTIONS until further notice from AEMO

AEMO announces that the Operational Go-live of the NEM VAr Dispatch Schedule (VDS) System is scheduled at 10.00 am market time on 31 August 2016. AEMO will issue a market notice earlier that morning to confirm the transition to Go-live will proceed. There is no operational difference in reactive power dispatch before and after Go-live. Operational Go-live is a symbolic event and is a demonstration of AEMO’s commitment to the use of the VDS System as an operational tool.


Is AEMO currently requesting Reactive Plant Operators to act on electronic instructions?

Status of VDS live data feed

Instructions sent out via:​ SCADA ​EMMS Web Portal EMMS file
Production Brisbane Active

Sydney Active

Active ​Active
​Pre-production Not possible Active Active




7/06/2018 1:34 PM
7/06/2018 1:31 PM
26/08/2016 12:56 PM
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 Shared Documents

Folder: Archived Documents
19/03/2019 5:50 PMNo presence informationStephen Boroczky
Guide to VAr Dispatch V0.6.pdf
19/03/2019 6:00 PMNo presence informationStephen Boroczky
VAr Dispatch Specification for Participant Interfaces (version 1.0).pdf
8/07/2016 1:54 PMNo presence informationKarin Rodrigues
VAr Dispatch Specification for Participant Interfaces (version 2.03) Prerelease.pdf
19/03/2019 5:57 PMNo presence informationStephen Boroczky






Contact Details

Project and operations enquiries:

AEMO Support Hub:

AEMO Support Hub: 1300 236 600


Useful Links

VAr Dispatch Schedule System Implementation Project

PRE-PROD EMMS Web Portal: [This is used for Testing]

PROD EMMS Web Portal:  [This is used for Trial]